Women of childbearing age have a variety of health issues that can be concerning. Birth control and pregnancy. Abnormal heavy-bleeding periods. Regular breast exam, cancer screenings and more. At Women Ob-Gyn Associates, obstetrician-gynecologist doctor, Dr. Naheed R. Akhter provides caring, comprehensive treatment for whatever gynecological issues you face.

Gynecology has come a long way in recent years, giving obstetrics and gynecology doctors and patients new and better alternatives to hysterectomy and menopause/perimenopause treatment. At Women Ob-Gyn Associates, Dr. Akhter is experienced with the latest, minimally invasive surgical techniques, as well as hormone replacement therapy and care for women approaching menopause.

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Dr. Naheed Akhter

Dr. Naheed Akhter - Downers Grove, IL

Karen M. Weatherford-Zaluzec, NP

Karen M. Weatherford-Zaluzec 


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